Blood pressure

Thought I’d write a blog about medical concerns for once.
Apparently, my pre-hypertension is considered to be a contributing factor in the timing of my AVM bleed. Mine occured relatively late in life (I was 41- and most bleeds occur much earlier if they are going to.) When the paramedics picked me up, my blood pressure had skyrocketed to 170/110. So, the high pressure had been the last straw for those weakened blood vessels.

Since then, my general practitioner and neurologist have wanted to keep the BP low. So, I’ve had to lose 20 pounds (a good thing) and I am on 2 BP meds- lisinopril and diltiazam (Taztia). My goal has been to keep the BP to @120/60 or less.

I’ve been successful with that, but I’ve also had issues with the BP going too low. Sometimes when i feel dizzy its because it has dipped below the goal. Its a little scary because I think something is going on with the AVM and its usually just the BP getting too low.

So, if you haven’t had your BP checked regularly after your bleed, I’d reccomend it- particularly if you had the Gamma Knife (or other similar procedure) because you’re waiting for obliteration.

Hope this helps- (and here’s to dizzy blonds everywhere! (of which I am one!!!)

Take care.