I started a semi-anonymous (for personal reasons) blog and am hoping to generate some income from it. I promise to bring humor once I get going. Please check it out, subscribe and/or feel free to share the link. Thank you!

Looks great Holly!

Thank you for checking it out! I’m going to keep working on it. :slight_smile:

I like & appreciate your honesty & humor! :slight_smile:

Thanks Patti. I appreciate your continued support. I should tell you that your video talking about self advocacy sparked something in me and has changed the way I seek care. Also when I am through this I would like to start a non-profit type of advocate program where we (experienced AVMers) can be immediate points of contact for people hit by the AVM truck and walking blindly. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have someone hold your hand from day one? You can only effectively self advocate with knowledge and we aren’t born with this kind of knowledge. So again Patti thank you!

I really like this Holly and admire your passion to share your story in an effort to help others. Being almost neighbors with you, in southern NH, I would be all for helping out in any way I can with starting a non-profit advocate program to be the first responders to people hit by the AVM truck - if I had had this during my hospital stay for almost 4 weeks, I certainly would have left without the extreme anxieties I dealt with for months following my bleed - I really think you could be onto something here!!!

Great Michele. I’m going to talk to some of my health studies professors and get their input as well. Most of their day jobs are in hospitals. As advocates we’d have to build a network with neurologists at our hospitals that most likely first diagnose them…Still so much to learn but I don’t want to have had this experience for nothing nor for someone else to feel this level of despair. Work in progress. Glad to know others would be willing to join the cause! :slight_smile: