Blog 2

Today uh I'm so tired I couldn't sleep last night, so it sucked. Today was so busy, because of my sister's baby shower. I had to do so much stuff with cleaning (I just had surgery barely 3 months ago!). The shower was nice, after it, my mom was talking a lot of crap though, because I didn't hand food to people. (uh hello they have legs) I got back home my mom's friend is over, some family members are over, and my pregnant sister and her boyfriend they brought liquor. Everybody got drunk, especially my mom so she keeps yelling at me. I'm so done with everybody. Then my pregnant sister tells me I can sleep over, and I pack all my stuff then she leaves I never been so hurt by her since I got out the hospital. I'm crying now :( goodnight

I am so sorry! It is so hard to deal with all of this, much less such harsh treatment from family! I wish you the best of luck for the future, and a speedy recovery!

I hope you are feeling better Veronica. it's important to celebrate the good things happening around you but I'm sure the anticpiation of the event brought on a lot of stress for everyone. When everything quiets down try to talk to your family and express how you are feeling, if it's hard to talk then write her a letter, just don't hold things in,it's not healthy. You need to be in a supportive, loving environment during this journey. Hopefully today is a happier and brighter day for you.

Thank you guys I spent the night at my sister's home and had a much better night. When I got home my mom didn't say much. I will have a talk with her soon about it. Again thanks for all the support very much appreciated it! :)