Blog #1

I am so excited that I have found a website where I can relate to others. I have a huge support system, family and friends the church. Bit they really don’t understand how I feel. The emotional aspect of it, the fear factors of going in Gor another test another procedure. The fear of the unknown. The risks we take everyday. It took me three months to realize life still goes on. My experience with stereotactic radiation was not as bad as I thought,but still took me quite a while to recover from it. I still get weak on my right side and still get very fatigued. I had the radiation july 19th of 2012. It took till december for me to start feeling as what I can consider to be normal. I’m back ib school trying to get a degree but still have many side effects. I sometimes suffer from short term memory loss as well. Which can sometimes complicate things in my everyday life. I will be writting again soon and will definitely be posting my upcoming tests and share my results with everyone!