Blessing in disguise story 😇

Yo! How are you all? I hope you’re all good & well.

I wanted to share my blessing in disguise story with you all :innocent:
(I should’ve really posted it ages ago)

I was born with an AVM on my left eye (frontal & temporal lobes & orbit & occipital lobe aswell I think)

July 2017
I went to go back to live with my mom after living with my dad for 4 months :exploding_head:
When I went back to live with my mom I started my driving lessons & I got myself a job at a local shop stacking shelves.
I kept hearing wooshing/breathing sounds in my left ear. I did see the doctor once about it & he said it was the blood vessel leaking or something.

September/October 2017
I started college.

Around October time I was worried about my vision & there was something happening with my right eye. I went to the opticians for an eye test but only for my right eye because it was bothering me.
IMAGINE if I’d let them check my left eye they could’ve spotted the AVM/eye bleed!

Early November 2017
I was starting to get tired of college, it just wasn’t for me so I walked out & I sat on the bench & I’m sure I was praying to the sky.
I can’t really remember.

End of November/early December
I woke up one day & I noticed I couldn’t see anymore from my left eye & I knew something wasn’t right. Gradually over the next few days the conjunctiva from eye came out the socket.

I was very lucky/fortunate that the bleed didn’t go in my brain :brain: otherwise I could’ve of had a stroke/brain haemorrhage.

I was seeing this ophthalmologist Eric Barnes at the RVI in Newcastle Upon Tyne & all he wanted was to send me to Chelsea Westminster to get my eye ball taken out by Dr Joshi & my mom wasn’t having any of it!
My uncle & my mom went their on way & found Moorfields eye hospital in London.
Then Moorfields referred me to National Neurology.
I asked Eric Barnes if my eye would get better & he said no. He also warned me not to go to Moorfields :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

2018 for me was a funny year.
I was going through the eye bleed & recovering from a 4 year addiction which I managed to stop for 224 days but then relapsed on the 14th August.
I felt empty in 2018, I also felt like a zombie/robot. I was also suicidal & waiting for the hospital to get back to me wasn’t helping.

I had a MRI scan in February.
Angiogram in March.
CT scan in April.

April 2018
My eye vision came back in my left eye :sweat_smile:

I joined AVMsurvivors end of October 2018 & I have to thank @DickD for really helping, supporting & guiding me back then :blue_heart:

Early December 2018
I went in for my embolisation but woke up quickly because the doctor said it healed by it self/it closed itself by itself :sweat_smile: meaning the blood vessel.
IT TOOK A WHOLE YEAR FOR IT TO HEAL BY ITSELF! :innocent::exploding_head:

If there’s one thing that I learnt in 2018 it was PATIENCE!

Also worrying/stressing is a waste of time & energy!






My AVM is now being treated with bleomycin which is a cancer drug/medicine via sclerotherapy :syringe:
I’ve had 2 injections so far.
September 2019 & January 2020.
I was due a third injection in April 2020 but it got cancelled because Covid happened but now that Covid is all over inshallah (Gods willing) Moorfields & National Neurology will call me back soon!


It’s good to hear from you and see your story. I assume the picture is you sometime in the past. How does your eye look at the moment? I’m hoping it’s rather calmer-looking :grimacing:

You know I’m here for the people of this community. It’s very kind of you to thank me :relaxed:

It was also “international bipolar day” yesterday. Did anyone mention that to you? I did think about you.

Nice share,



Great to hear from you! Your post struck a cord with me for sure, what a roller coaster, the challenges faced and battling through it. A lesson to me for sure. Take Care, John.


Watching Netflix got me through 2018

I remember watching miracles from heaven it’s about a ten-year-old Anna who suffers from a rare and incurable disease. With the help of her mother Christy, she begins to heal miraculously that surprises her family and the medical specialists.

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Wow, that’s is great news your sight came back.

You really have been through it, but on the up I assume, great to hear.

Am so pleased for you especially being in the UK :+1:

Thanks for sharing.

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