Bless u all

I’m so glad i found this site. Never heard of AVM until it happened to my wife. Its hard but with faith and hope i will endure it all and everyone here will too! Well my wife is doing amazing with rehab. Only 2 weeks and movement happening on her affected left side from the stroke caused by the AVM. No set date for the Gamma Knife, where the AVM is located it is inoperable. I’m feeling down with her not being home and I returning back to work. I see her everyday a 45 minute drive and back. Everyday is something new a wiggle finger here, a movement in the toes there, sensation in her legs…etc. So far this site and my recent tattoo has been a little bit of a healing process for me. My tattoo is dedicated for my wife and what i believe is necessary to go threw this. Its an ambigram of faith/hope(can be seen upside down). If you guys are wondering my wife is 24yrs old and I am 26 yrs old. Well Ill blog some more and keep updates for you all soon, God Bless!

Two weeks and she is already making progress? Wow. That is great news and a sign of things to come for sure. You must be so overwhelmed and it will be difficult to go back to work and juggle everything. Make sure you let those around you help out as much as they want to or you will get worn out. Tell your wife that we are all cheering for her and we are here to help you both in this struggle. You sound like an amazing husband.

I never heard of an AVM before my diagnosis either JW. YOur wife is doing really well in her recovery…I will add her to my prayers.

Hi, JW (I think that’s you.). I know that my partner went thru an incredible lonely ordeal while I was in a coma for 2 weeks. If it were we, I think I would’ve gone crazy. And, I know that I can’t think of a better thing than when I woke up and realized he was there. He also had a long drive and ended up at a hotel a couple of times near the hospital because he was so tired.

Glad we can lend a willing ear. Stay strong.

Johnny and Wendy-Faith, Hope and Love…“and the greatest of these is Love”…You got it covered…You are both doing all of the hard work. The rewards are brilliantly clear-every day is a new beginning, a new accomplishment, a new frontier to discover. Yes, and hard work atop more hard work and I believe in the ability of your warrior team to rock-'n-roll with it. Be good to you. Take care of you. Both of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
P.S.-Please don’t forget to avail yourselves of any and all help/services available. Ask for help and guidance-always. Family and friends near-by?? Even when you each “have” the others “back”, a little extra arm can be a good thing, yes? Hugs to the warrior team…

Yes thanks. I was not alone in this journey, my mother in law has been with me and her. Also my parents lend a hand as much possible also.

Hi JW and welcome. You and your wife will be in my prayers. I happy to hear her recovery is going well.