Bleeds- What does it feel like?

I have a DAVF and I had surgery last Jan..this week I started to feel some pressure where it is ( behind my left ear) and its getting worse tonight. I dont have any other symptoms and made an appt with my neuro but they can not see me until the 13th

Thank you

Angela, sometimes embolization is only a temporary fix, and the AVM can recanalize around the embolization and become active again. It's hard to wait, but two weeks is probably okay unless you have symptoms like mental confusion, vision disturbances, vomiting, "worst headache of your life," etc., which could indicate an emergency. Keep us posted.

It’s pretty much an agonizing headache. If it happens, you’ll know.

Thank you So far I just have pressure and feel like someone is pulling my hair. I have a really high pain threshold so it does not hurt me but feels more stinging now. I also feel my balance is way off now and my vision is a bit blurry- if it gets worse I will go to ER
Thank you all for sharing I will let you know what happens next

Given the balance and vision, I think a trip to the ER is warranted.

Hi Angela...the moment my bleed happened, it felt like a stabbing pain, then afterwards, it felt like "the worst headache (or migraine rather) in my life. I also felt pressure from time to time.

Good luck to you.

Yeah that doesn’t sound normal.

I think I am okay I just slept a great deal yesterday and did not have any increase in pressure and no more than my normal pain. I emailed my pain neuro who works with my stroke neuro so I am sure I will hear something tomorrow
Thank you all for letting me know what I should be on the look out for.also my husband will be doing all the driving until I get to see the doctor

Thank you

Sounds good, Angela. Hugs!

Hey Angela- the second my bleed occurred it felt like a bomb had gone off in my head. It sounded like a train was going through my head.

Hope you're doing okay!
Good luck!


I had a real sudden heat flush with a really bad headache...i then was unable to stand up or use my legs/arms...if it happens you will know whens its serious.

God bless and prayers go out your way that you never ever have to experience a bleed.

i have the same problem. but becasue i have a blood clot in my leg and on blood thinners they cant do much more intill the thinners stop.

I didn't feel a thing in my head, not even a mild headache. I felt a lot of stiffness in my neck and I slept more than 24 hours. I couldn't stay awake, couldn't really get up. That was the first day, the second day, I was able to move around a little bit. The third day a bit more. Fourth day, I went to the ER.

Wow two weeks ago I woke up with an intense migraine and my neck was so sore and stiff. Thought I slept wrong, but was really tired and slept the whole day, the rest of the week I was dizzy every time I was out of bed and so tired. My neck was extremely sore and every time my mouth opened, I felt pressure in my left temple. Yesterday was the first day since I didn’t have a headache and I could turn my neck easier. If I have these symptoms again ill call my Dr. I thought it was anxiety by day three.

Stiff neck can be a symptom of hemorrhagic stroke, Mamagin:

Does your doctor know this happened to you?

No, I have not told my Dr and wen it was keeping me in bed my husband and I thought I was gettingsick or something. I’m still soreinthe neck and was having trouble talking thinking clearly but when I read this this morning I knew I should have called Dr within the first day orteo. I think ill read ur link then call Dr. I have felt off since two Saturday ago.

Yes, do call. Don't worry about "bothering" the doctor -- this should be checked out.


Mine felt like my head being pressed in a vice and exploding at the same time. I had visual disturbances, my neck was very stiff and i started throwing up. It all happened suddenly.

If you have any concers do not hestitate to call 911!!

The nurse called back for my neurologist a lil bit ago and said since the symptoms have been going on over a week its probably nothing and to keep my appt with her on 26th. I haven’t been to the neurosurgeon yet but I just called his nurse and left a msg, ill see what his nurse says before I just ignore it. To be on safe side.