Bleeding in left temporal lobe

Has anyone got bleed in left temporal lobe.what are the complication of bleeding.and what ways of treatment have you gone through. If you have gone through any complication then how is the condition now and how long does it take to recover from the complication. I too have avm in left temporal lobe and hasnot bleed yet and I am quit fear that it will bleed. Actually doctor suggest me to go for cyberknife.

My AVM was in the right frontal lobe, which caused a bleed. My side effects were double-vision, weakness/paralysis in left side, short-term memory loss, and fatigue (10.5 years post bleed, I only have some memory problems and fatigue…everything else healed on its own/with therapy). I had no symptoms at all before the bleed. I have had two successful gamma knife surgeres…first in 2007 (6 months post bleed) and in 2012.
I wish you all the best!!


A bleed is to be avoided almost at all costs. Depending on the location of the bleed and the damage that it does completely affects what the outcome is. About 10% of bleeds are fatal.

Thus, the thing to do is to get the right scans etc done with the hospital and understand the risks associated with the type, size, location, etc of your AVM. Then, understand what the doctor proposes to treat it. If the AVM is inaccessible, or intervention would bring greater risk than leaving it alone then the only option can be to leave it untreated.

I don’t think you should worry about the effects of a bleed. Just focus on the plan for reducing that risk?


I believe you had your Cyber Knife Radiation last month? That takes a long time to reduce the risk of your AVM doing you damage but you can be positive about it:

  • you’ve had treatment which will reduce the risk you’ve had in recent years
  • many people have an AVM but don’t know it is even there. Most people with an AVM go through a full life with no problem from their AVM. There is nothing to suggest (unless your doctor has said your risk is changing) that your AVM will suddenly change.
  • you know more about your AVM than at any point in your life. If it does start to misbehave: if you have a sudden onset of symptoms, go to the ER. If you didn’t know, you might be slower to go for help.

Whilst your treatment heals your AVM, you just need to be patient but wary of any significant change. One thing I’ve done is to make sure my family, friends and work colleagues know to dial the emergency number if I get into trouble. It’s as good a safety net as I can make.

Try not to worry about it. You are on the road to recovery, not on a downhill slope.

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Thanku Julia for sharing your problems.hope you are doing good now.

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Thanku for the relief and suggestion Richard .