Black spots

Has anyone noticed black dots on their mri? My so call avm that has "calcified is black also.. are these small bleeds? calcifications or a sign of ms?

Shania52, For me, I couldn't even understand what I saw on my MRI. It is best to ask your doctor what you saw on yours.

Hi Shania,

Here is an answer to a question similar to yours on MedHelp.

But I also agree with Louisa that your physician is the best person to answer the question for your specific situation. Hope you can get an answer to your question.

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There are 3 on my daughter's angiogram, within the AVM. Her neurosurgeon said they were aneurysms. Didn't show up at all on the MRI.

well I have counted at least 24 blacks spots and one big one and one med one the rest are small..