Birth control, Paragard, & Onyx

Has anyone on here been embolized with Onyx (no specific location) who also has Paragard IUD (intrauterine copper contraceptive)?

Hormonal BC is out of the question due to family history of clotting. Scheduled to have Paragard implanted next month but was looking to see if anyone had both Onyx & IUD (with or without issue).

Hi Emmy, and welcome! I can not talk about Onyx, as I did not have that - my AVM is currently not treatable - but I had an IUD

Paragard put on February 2015. I had a light birth control before, which was stabilizing my AVM, but since I had the IUD, I experimented some growth on my cheek. I am thinking about removing the IUD, and going back to the BC. Now, I am not sure it is related to what you were asking, because your AVM was obliterated, is that correct? Now beside the growth, the IUD was fine, just a little more cramping and bleeding, but nothing un-manageable. I hope it still helps! Best luck to you:)

Thank you for responding. They have been them embolized. I had been on hormones over the years but Hematologist said no more hormones due to familial clotting risk. Wondering if anyone had embolization/Onyx and also had Paragard simultaneously (As well as Onyx with a successful pregnancy later on).

All right, I understand… I hope you’ll find some answers!

Thanks! <3

Well I have had the onxy and other glue use for my avm. And I’m on my 2nd iud the Mirena one. I can’t have the copper as I have routine mris so my OBGYN didn’t want me to have metal. No issues really just the common side effects a few cysts, and stuff. 2 pregnancy scares but nothing is 100% effective so we are still careful!

I ended up getting the Paragard put in two weeks ago, I didn't talk to my AVF surgeon about it but he did say go on back to living life as if nothing happened. Gyno OK'd Paragard with Onyx. Paragard hurt horribly putting it in but it'll have to do for now since hematologist said no hormones.