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Birmingham AVMer meet up


Hi All :smile:

I have organised another AVMer meet up!

This time to try to make it more of a central location - we will be meeting up in Birmingham on Saturday 20th Jan.

The main plan is to go for a lunch at 1pm and chat and then go for drinks afterwards at a child friendly pub. Venue to be confirmed.

For those who fancy making a day of it I am happy to come into Birmingham earlier(10:30am) for sight seeing, visiting the museum and art gallary ect.

Please let me know if you are interested :slight_smile:

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New year :christmas_tree:

Corrine x

Hi. Interested to hear from anyone with Avm in right parietal lobe in eloquent area of brain


Well done! You’re quite the hostess / party organiser! Please count me in.

Thank you,



@carolb01 I see you are from London - wondering if you would be interested?

Best wishes,



How are we doing for attendance? I don’t do Facebook, so I hope you’ve got some interest in Facebook and we are still heading for 20th?




birmingham a bit far for me as i don’t drive
but thanks anyways

regards carol x


Hi Carol,

No worries I will be taking the train over from london so if you feel up to joining me we could travel there and back together.

If not I am sure I will organise another london AVMer meet up in future months :slight_smile: or we still have this forum to communicate too!

Best wishes,

Corrine x


Hi Richard,

I have 9 people who will be coming from fb, craig and his family said they should be able to come but havent given their 100% yes yet and I have 4 other maybes. I will continue to try to promote the event.

Yes we are sticking to the date of 20th jan :slight_smile:

Hugs, Corrine


hiya corrine
thanks for the invite but will have to pass ,when you arrange another london meet i will 100% be there

have a great time carol x


Venue confirmed

We will be meeting here for lunch at 1pm!

It is a 2 minute walk from Birmingham new street and there apears to be plenty of parking around, I found this website showing available parking:


Let me know if you have any concerns :slight_smile: and if your interested in coming along!

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Well done for organising this! If there’s anything I can help with, do let me know. The venue looks great.

See you soon!



I’ll be coming by train. See you Saturday!