Bionic spine

Here is a new procedure. Could work for Brain Aneurysms.

It is called Bionic Spine. It could be used to help heal an Brain Aneurysm.

Here it is on youtube.


I’m not sure I follow how this would help with an aneurysm. It is to do with transmitting brain signals to an exoskeleton.

All to note: this is dated August 2016, so is not “new” and was being undertaken in animal trials at the time, rather than being a ready treatment for humans.



I put this up because I thought it was a good idea. I know it is for the spine. But thought they could do the same for the brain.



I’ve re-filed it under “spinal AVMs” as it is likely to be of more interest there.

I think this is fascinating! It shows a lot of hope for advances in technology that could help patients with spinal cord injuries. Thanks for sharing.

Your welcome I as well was interested in he possibilities this surgery has.



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