Big Follow-up Today

So today is my big follow-up appointment with my neurosurgical team. They will give me general anesthesia and perform an arteriogram to see how well I have healed up after my first embo, which lasted six hours. At that time, they closed off pretty much all the dural arteries that feed into my fistula, but they decided that was enough trauma for one day, so they let me come up for air. This follow-up is to see if the remaining cerebral arteries have healed on their own, or if I need additional embolization. I will be already sedated in the event of the latter outcome. So, I may be spending tonight in UNC Medical Center's Neurological ICU. Fun! It's going to be a mellow New Year's at my house. I'll be in touch soon with a follow-up.

- John

GOOD LUCK!!! Hope is it all good news for the New Year! So there is the chance that while you are out for a follow up angio they might just do another embo. Wow what a surprise that will be. Keep us posted and take care of you.

Best wishes on your follow-up arteriogram and may it bring GOOD news for the New Year!


John, As always, I will pray that you receive great news! As always, once again, let us know the result of your arteriogram! Louisa

Good luuck John, I truly hope all is well. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Thanks, Everyone. Your love and prayers were with me, and all Glory to God, I am completely healed! I did not require another embo. The anesthesiology team got to go home, and so did I. So, I’m relaxing at home tonight. I only had an MRI/MRA yesterday,and a four vessel angio today. Of course, that’s four vessels on each side of my head. I fell like I have been flat on my back for two days. But I am done! No more fistula. Thanks for your love and support. It’s a huge comfort to me.

Dear John, I am so very happy for you and your family!! Wow, completed healed…Thank you God…it will be a wonderful “happy New Year” for you all!


That is some fantastic good news,....^5 my friend.

What a way to start out a new year,...AVM/fistula,...FREE !!

Excellent! Another success story! Happy New Year!

Congratulations, now time to celebrate!!

God is good!!! I’m soooo happy for you. I love hearing success stories :slight_smile:

What a great way to start a new year! So great to hear good news!

Great news John. Take good care of yourself.

Hey John,

Hope you didn't need another embo and that any other news was good. Hope you're home resting now, with no other AVM activity for you in 2011.

Wow…I am sooo happy for you!