Best surprise of my avm life!

Hi avm family,

I just had to share this with all the people who would be touched by this. My sister-in-law was married Saturday 10/9/2010. Her and her husband kept it as a surprise to my whole family (until we went to the reception) In place of your typical favors they donated money on behalf of all their guest to the aneurysm and avm foundation! I have never been so touch, honored and surprised all in a good way in my life. It even made my sister-in-law tear up seeing my reaction to their surprise. It couldn't have come at a better time. On Monday 10/18 I go back to the doctor to see if the avm has shrunk some more and what they are going to do next. I hope all that read this are touched and happy for the donation made for all us avm survivors. I will soon post a picture of the card that was at each seat.

Best wishes and prayers to all,


Hello Andrea .
Thank you for this post filled with the love , life and living of/as family !
My best wishes to the bride , congratulations to the groom and you and yours are in my prayers .
May you have the best possible result(s) Andrea and the smoothest of sailings always .
Family … a beautiful gift to the world .

Thanks for sharing Andrea! What a beautiful thing they did! Do tell them how much we all appreciate what they have done.

Just beautifull people Andrea. I was very touched and had the tears as usual when I get really good stories!! My best wishes to them and to you.

Thank you guys for the comments I will be sure to pass along your thanks and wishes! Sadly though the doctor appt was yucky. I need a 2nd round of gamma knife and trying to be super strong… Thanks for all the prayers in this much needed time!

That is a lovely expression of their love for you. God Bless them and you and we’re glad you have that support in your life.