Best neurosurgeon in London, UK

Please will people share the names of anyone they think is a top neurosurgeon etc in London. We have just moved here so I don’t have any contacts and I’m hoping there will be people on this forum with insider knowledge!!! I have a large Dural AV fistula based on the lateral and sigmoid venous sinuses. I’ve had 2 people tell me I must deal with it as I’m having terrible migraines, dizziness etc.

Hiya jap001

I am also based in London, and my consultant referred me to dr Makalanda at Barts hospital. I had my gamma knife treatment done by him. Not sure if he actually does surgery though. There used to be a section on the old website which had a list of recommended doctors, not sure if it has been transferred over to this new site, perhaps one of the moderators will be able to guide you to that section !! All the best Amanda xx

Thanks Amanda, I’m in the process of trying to find the UK Doctors list that we used to have on the old platform from the UK Group, I will pin it to the UK group here when found.

In the mean time I did a search for London and it has returned some nice results regarding doctors Here

Jap001 please click on the Here above and you will see some results that will get you started and I will continue to look for the list od doctors we used to maintain in the UK Group.


Thank you. I’m going through it now


Hi jap, I was able to recover this from the old site:

Hi Guys our AVM treatment centre list is growing ! If you have had treatment with anyone else please let me know. also if i have made any errors in the list let me know so i can amend list Thanks George
Mr Daniel Morris , University of Wales
Mr Dunaway ,Surgeon Great Ormond St Childrens Hospital London
Mr F Robertson,consultant in interventional and diagnostic neuroradiology, Great Ormond St Childrens Hospital London
Dr Glover,Consultant Paediatric Dermatologist, Great Ormond St Childrens Hospital London
Dr Nishikawa, Queen Elizabeth Birmingham ,
Dr Monaghan, Queen Elizabeth Birmingham
Dr Lamin. Queen Elizabeth Birmingham
Dr Rodrigues Birmingham childrens hospital
Dr Solanki Birmingham Childrens hospital
Dr Ashpole,Charring Cross London, Cromwell hospital
Mr David Peterson,Neurosurgeon, Clemantine Churchill Hill hospital Sudbury, Middx,Charring Cross London, Cromwell hospital London,
Mr David Peterson, Radiologist,Clemantine Churchill Hill hospital Sudbury, Middx,Charring Cross London, Cromwell hospital London,
Dr Maneesh Patel, Neurologist ,Clemantine Churchill Hill hospital Sudbury, Middx,Charring Cross London, Cromwell hospital London,
Dr Michael Gross, Neurologist ,Clemantine Churchill Hill hospital Sudbury, Middx,Charring Cross London, Cromwell hospital London,
Dr Joan Grieve. Neurosurgeon , National hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at Queens square, London
Prof. Bodo Lippitz
Specialties; Gamma knife surgery, Paediatric gamma knife surgery
Based at the Cromwell hospital, London

Mr Vloebergh,neurosurgeon,Queens medical centre in Nottingham
Dr Lenthall,neuro-radiologist,Queens medical centre in Nottingham

Mr Abouharb Neurosurgeon, The Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast
Dr Rennie Neuroradiologist,The Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Mr Sorin Bucur, Hurstwood Park Princess Royal Hospital Haywards Heath

Mr Christos Tolias neurosurgeon ,The Cromwell Hospital, London.
Dr Nick Plowman,consultant oncologist Gamma Knife treatment,The Cromwell Hospital, London.

Mr Owen Sparrow, General Hospital of Southampton (Neuro).

Dr Clifton St George’s hospital, Tooting South London
Dr Johnston St George’s hospital, Tooting South London
Dr Rowe ,Royal Hallamshire hospital in Sheffield who specialise in NHS gamma knife surgery in the UK.

Mr. Mohsen Javadpour,Consultant Neurosurgeon,Beaumont Hospital , Dublin,
Dr. Paul Brennan Clinical Director of Radiology,Beaumont Hospital ,Dublin , Beaumont Rd, Dublin 9, Ireland Tel, 0035318093000

Hope this helps!

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Hello, I recommend UCLH, consultant neurosurgeon that treated me was amazing, but it wasn’t just Consultant, it was her team, colleagues- nurses and after care. It was a hard time but they didn’t let me down,

desperately trying to find a consultant who is experiened in avm’s in oxfordshire/buckinghamshire/aylesbury. any idea where i can find this? thanks

This is a thread that hasn’t been active for four years. Could I suggest starting a new thread asking for suggestions?
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You’ll stand a better chance of getting current suggestions. I hope you find someone local to you, but I should add that when you have a rare condition, you sometimes have to travel to get the degree of specialized expertise that you need. It’s an investment that’s well worth it.

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