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Benefits4Kids: Applying for Social Security Benefits for Children with Disabilities


Hello, everyone. I wanted to share a new website I just completed, as the last requirement for my Master's Degree in Special Education.

It is a website designed to help parents with children with disabilities to navigate Social Security (and Medicaid), especially for parents whose children had strokes (as clearly, this is a cause close and dear to my heart).

The URL is: http://benefits4kids.com

It is my 3rd anniversary after my first grand mal seizure in 4 days, and it has been 2 years and 4 months after my crainiotomy. I am so thankful for Ben's Friends and AVMSurvivors for opening the door to my medical advocacy endeavors online, and through the support group I founded. :)


Nice of you to share the link for parents and grandparents with children who are going through this.


Thanks Hiro. I shared the link with a friend of mine who teaches Special Ed.


Thank you very much, Julie! I hope it can be useful for someone!!


Thank you for taking a look, Rhonda. I've been encountering so many frustrated parents over not being able to afford their children's treatments, so I hope this will at least open a window into the possibilities.


Thanks for putting this site together. I have been working as a Benefits Counseler spending most of my time helping clients fill out benefit applications. Dealing with Social Security, DDS, and various state and country agencies has been challenging and rewarding (I don’t mean financially.) we guide clients thru the initial application, Disability Reports, Fnction Reports and countless forms.

You have done a great job of describing the four levels of appeals. Can I share this with my department and clients?

Thanks for the great work
Bill Goldberg, Benefits Counselor, VRS


Very nice site. I help families apply for benefits. This lays it out nicely. Congratulations on your degree. My son has his degree in sp ed. He was in the classroom when his avm ruptured 18 months ago. He is doing well but still recovering. Really hoping to get back in the classroom.


Thank you very much, and I am so sorry to hear about your son. I hope he will be able to go back to his classroom as well, as kids are really fuels to our ambitions!


I would love for you to share the website with your department and clients (I think the appeals process is the same whether adult or child?)!! I am glad this website may be of use to people! And thank you for your services!! Benefits Counselor and Resource Coordinator are the types of jobs I want to do in the future, but I am still trying to figure out where exactly to go! (Currently looking at the Social Security Administration.)