Beer & The Weather

Oh and Richard told me that he will give any of you a pint at his local wheelhouse if you are willing to sign a form that says that in no way are you implying anything in regard to his case that might or might not cause trouble with his wife.

tbh I’m happy to give away pints to AVMers if there are folk local who fancy doing so… once it feels a bit safer to be in the pub.

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There are places by me who have outdoor seating and phones plugged in where you can call in and place an order. Sit down in front of the pub, order a 6 pack, and wait for them to deliver it. Now the only problem with that is that it is currently approximately 5 degrees below zero, rather cold

We have the same trouble here with the weather at the moment. I’m constantly looking forward to the warmer weather.

I’ve moved this out of this conversation as we’ve gone off on quite a tangent.

How are you doing? Feel like you’ve been quiet for a while and that’s not a normal sign.