Been MIA

I’m sorry that I haven’t written in a few weeks. First, I was battling severe headaches, along with mouth and left ear pain that just made me miserable. I didn’t know if I could have dental care with the the angiogram coming up the following week, and none of my doctors were calling me back! My radiologist called me on Friday and gave me the okay, but by then the soonest dental appointment I could get was the day after the angiogram! lol So I kept lathering my gums in ANBESOL and ORAJEL.

***Important Note - The dentist later told me that ANBESOL is made with aspirin,and therefore is a blood thinner! I am certainly lucky that Christina brought home ORAJEL when we ran out of the ANBESOL. She may have saved my life during that angiogram!

The cerebral angiogram was much easier than the one I had four years ago. Instead of having to lie still in Recovery for six hours, it was only three hours! They even fed me lunch before we left. I highly reccommend Dr. Chow and his staff at Westchester Medical Center!

The next day, September 4th, I went to the dentist. It turns out that I had two badly infected teeth. He put me on antibiotics and I got them removed today by an oral surgeon.

During all of this, we’ve had a myriad of computer problems. To all of our newest members…hello and welcome to our family! To everyone, it’s good to be home!

Love, Connie

Glad to see you are back and feeling much better, How did the Angio go? My doctor going to call today with the date for mine.

connie, missed you !!! wow what a week youve had. great to hear your angio went smoother than the last, you have always been a frighter connie. hope youre in good spirits. sending you love and positive thoughts xxxx

Hi Connie, it so nice to hear from you again.

Thank you, my friends. I’m still waiting for the results.

Good to hear from you again, Connie. Sounds like you need a rest!

Glad you are back Connie. I doubt a little bit of Anbesol would hurt, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. I hate the dentist. Ugh! I think the stress, raised blood pressure, etc. is probably a bigger risk? It can be a small world, though. I got a new dentist in the practice last time and her sister had an AVM! So, she was well aware of what was happening.

My last angio? Not so good. I was so &*^#&!! MAD at the radiologist because I asked 3x for something to relax me and he didn’t do it. The hospital administrator got an earful!

Please keep us posted on the results.