Bad days crashing

ok so i am 5 months into recovery from surgery and I have kind of got used to the dizziness, double vision, memory issues and mobility which I have on my 'good days' the new thing i am having now is that my good days last for longer but when i have a bad day I 'crash' (my own term for it) I cant control my legs and arms, have binding headache, actually feel sick from the dizziness cant stand the light, go on a loop with that I am thinking and saying, blurred speech and tiredness. I am worse than when i first came out of hospital and the last one I thought I was having a stroke is this normal? only experienced it twice but it gets me and my family worried but only lasts about 5 hours.

you must be your own advocate for your care- if you are worried, contact the dr. or seek another opinion from another dr.

I concur with Heidi. It may be time to bump it up a notch. You should not have to suffer so much. Please keep us updated!