Bad Day

So, my husband whants me to go back to normal. How do I get there? I am confused.... maybe sleep will help. Have a EMG done tomorrow. Goodnight all!! ; )

As a husband, I suggest you smack him upside the head.

In all seriousness, I can understand where he is coming from. Men want to fix everything... Especially if there is something hurting our wife. If there is nothing we can do to fix it, then we get frustrated and it is easy to resort to finger-pointing and saying "Get over it." I have been on both ends of this situation... Dealing with an AVM myself and having a wife that has had major thyroid problems and a couple of very difficult pregnancies. If possible, try talking to him about it, but I will let you know right now that it will not be easy. One thing that may help is to let him know of anything that he can do to hekp you, Sure, he may not be able to "fix" anything, but just being able to help may be enough.

Well if you find the answer let me know!!! Hope your day is much better today :) They cant deal with seeing the "new" us. Its just a day you will have to work through and know that you 2 are strong enough to make it through <3

Well, I ventured out of the house today. Had to take my son to the Doctor, it took a lot out of me! Some strange things are starting to happen and I don't know if it is related or not. I am going for my ENG/INS today, I will tell my Doctor. His name is Dr. Sudhakar, he is a Neurologist.... slim pickings in Amarillo, TX. My Aunt is a RN and suggested that I get a copy of my medical records and have someone in Dallas that deals with this sort of stuff daily to look at all of my readings. While in the hospital I had 4 MRIs, 1 CT, bloodwork, and XRays

Anyway, today I have a huge neck/ headache, trouble walking, foot twitching, when I eat~ my food isn't going down as easy as it does normally, My stomach feels full, I really have to consintrate on going to the restroom, I forget words, take a long time to talk. I am just flat out having a horrible day. I don't know if it all does together or if it is just me. I have know lost 9 pounds in the last week and a half!

I keep crying because I am frusrtated but don't want anyone to know... Am I always going to feel like this?

I went through all those same things, But keep the faith, With Food- I learn to take smaller bites and TAKE MY TIME, Forgetting words- Normal for us, Hate to say it but, it goes with the Territories . If you can get out take a walk ( When you can ) just let someone know where you are going, Your weight will flex pending on MEDS. Yes Horrible to say but there going to be bad days and there will be good days , Think of it like this ......... You can come on here and vent whenever you want, we have ALL been through or are GOING through it and you are never alone. You have Family, and us Your Friends who wont let you be alone. Your Aunt is an RN, I'm sure she will steer you right