Background History on me :)

Well This is my first blog for the AVM website. I found this yesterday and it is so comforting knowing that there are people out there that are going through or have been through some of the same things. So far I have gotten a lot from this website, and I am glad I joined. :slight_smile: My life started out pretty normal…at least I thought it was. My parents divorced when I was 5 and I lived with my mom until my dad got custody of me and my twin sister when we turned 11. Over the years my mom started drugs and got into some pretty heavy ones. So we were glad that our dad got us. :slight_smile: but in the last 3 years our mom started trying really hard to become a better person and she was really sick the entire last year of her life. We found out that the drugs were messing her entire body up. She ended up dying this past March. I have to say that was the hardest thing I ever had to do was sit there and watch my mom die without being able to do anything to comfort her. :frowning: I had my first surgery in January of 07 and my mom was there for me every step of the way and I think that is when she started trying really hard to do better in her own life. But sadly it was too late. After my first surgery I had a series of bad seizures and actually forgot everything and everyone. It was scary!!! But over the next several weeks things started to slowly come back to me. I Have headaches EVERY DAY, since November of 06 and I am ready for them to go away. lol. But things dont always work out like we want. I am seeing a bunch of doctors and doing therapy to get my vocabulary and train of thought back. Its been hard but I think it is working. I mess up my words a lot so if you reading this and it seems like I am jumping back a forth a lot, I am sorry. Or if it just doesn’t makes sense or something is spelled wrong, again I am sorry. lol.I have the best husband I could ever ask for…he works hard everyday for me. And is so supportive of me emotionally and trys to understand how I feel everyday. I ended up not being able to go back to college…at least not yet. Just because I have trouble with my memory and stuff. But one day I am going to go back and finish my degree in elementary education. I can’t wait. :slight_smile:

It is hard watching loved ones distroy themselves that way. My Mother & Grandmother did heavy drugs & alchol at least until I was about 7 years old. I sometimes wish I had been able to live with my Dad during that time, but my mother hid me from him until the night of my surgery, and that was only because she didn’t expect me to make it. I’m sorry you had to lose your mother that way. Although my mom is still around, I can still see the effect the drugs have on her life. I pray that the Lord will give you the strangth to get through this tough time, and if you ever need any one to talk to, I’m always around about this time.

Brittany, you wrote your story beautifully. You’ve certainly gone through a lot in your young life. I’m sorry about your mother’s passing, but I’m glad you got those last couple of years with her and that you were able to have her at your wedding. Speaking of your wedding, how long have you been married?

I enjoyed looking at your pictures and left lots of comments. Most of my questions got answered here in your blog.

Dear Brittany, I am sorry for your mum. You are a fighter! Life will improve day by day. love