Back to Work?

On this coming Tuesday, I see my neurologist. Depending on how that goes, I should get the okay to return to work. Should, key word. But I’m anxious over that prospect.

She gave me the option when I saw her at the end of February if I wanted to go back. At the time, I clearly wasn’t ready. I didn’t have the stamina to even make it across town to Walmart alone.

Well, it’s been a month and a half. I’ve been working on building myself up. I take my daughter for walks around the block, we’ve done quick trips to the grocery store, etc. However, I know my department at work is not accommodating to people with limitations. Here’s the story on that. The employee was in a horrible car accident, was out of work for 9 months. His doc sent him a note to our employer asking for two weeks of four hour shifts, then two weeks of 6 hour shifts, then finally back to regular 8 hour shifts. The department said no, they wouldn’t accommodate that and let him go.

I’m frightened at the idea of working 40 hours a week. Plus, I know from talking with coworkers that they’re on mandatory overtime. So going back at 40+ hours a week is terrifying. I want to go back but I’m afraid they will let me go if I ask for temporary limitations.

I can’t afford to lose my job because I will lose insurance for my family. It’s a great policy. I’ve looked around at others and nothing covers as much for that price.

Any advice my friends?

Make sure you are truly ready, my AVM has not ruptured but I find since the CyberKnife procedure that many of my symptoms start to get worse mid week and Thursday and Friday my left arm and leg are so "heavy" that it is a real effort to move my arm. Also because I have some frontal lobe involvement I usually cry for most of the drive home, I spend all weekend recovering just so I can start all over on Monday. If you think your job will let you go that quickly, make sure you are truly ready... Good luck!

There are Federal laws that companies have to abide by regarding illness and persons with "disabilities". A company is required to make reasonable accomodations to help a person with any type of disability do their job. There should be an employment security commission in your state (Google it). Also, speak with your company's Human Reources department. They should be able to help you.