Back to work after a long weekend

I suppose I have to knuckle down & do some work in the morning!
Had a very nice weekend with friends- can’t have enough of them, can you?
On Friday we went to a friend’s cottage on Pleasant Lake, about 35 miles north of us, near Concord NH. Played Pictionary, drank wine, played Pictionary, drank more wine, drank more wine. I just don’t know why the fireworks looked so blurry!

Slept way to late on Saturday then headed out to another BBQ even further up in the White Mountains- beautiful little town called Bradford. A friend has a charming place in the woods. Grilled shrimp and drank lemonade-rum cocktails.

I think I’ve had my fill of alcohol for a while! Getting tipsy reminds me too much of the dizziness I experienced for months after the bleed!

Went to the movies today- saw Hancock. Was a fun flick- I’d reccomend it to you all if you want an escapist 2 hours.

Stay well & above the fray.

Sounds like a fun weekend. I love playing Pictionary. The pictures must have been hilarious after all that wine! lol