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so the dr hsu does not take my insurace now i fell like just giving up fuck it alli just wanna forget it all whydoes this always happend just when i think things r godd nope like a bullet to the gut fml.........................all i can do is cry cry cry now needing to fing someone else other dr its like cant they just fucking care an fix u help u give somehting idk

he is a good dr not fare now idk what to do feel like giving up

It's a setback, Tricia, but you will get past it. Was Dr. Hsu a neurologist? Why don't you ask our members for referrals in the greater Los Angeles area?

a neurologist/surgent that my next move i gusse but it makes me feel idk gggggrrrrrrrrrr an the insurance said riverside
thanx dancermom

Keep trying Tricia. There is a list of ways to help low income members.

Try this one too to find good doctors in your area!

Good Luck....Keep on trying!

thanx louisa

Hi Tricia,

I don't know about Inland Empire or San Bernardo County. The Doctors at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, San Diego County are experts on AVM's. (619) ■■■■■■■■ ask for Dr. Thomas Brannigan or Dr Peter Yang. They found my bleed and did the surgery in 5 hours, I was home two days later, I hope this helps.

thanx frodobob ill try it

Hi tricia! I actually saw Dr. Hsu and ended up getting a 2nd opinion. Im at UCLA now with Dr. Desalles and I love him. You should check into UCLA, Its a little far, I know I live in the IE but its definately worth it

i just wanna get his opinion an maybe another idk but thanx ill cheek it out

oh how did it all turn out for u

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Well when I saw Dr. Hsu I really liked him but he said surgery wasnt an option because of the size and location. He referred me to the radiation medicine team and they wanted to do raditation for me but the machine that they wanted to use wasnt ready and they said maybe a couple more months. Well after a year of waiting and phone calls to them to keep hearing that it still wasnt ready, I decided to get a 2nd opinion. I had heard on here of a really great Neurosurgeon at UCLA named Dr. Martin and hes even the doctor who came up with the scale to size AVM's. I saw him and he also said surgery is not an option so he sent me to the radiation team at UCLA. I had it about 1 year ago and I go back next month to see if there are any changes yet. Im very happy with UCLA and really glad I asked for a 2nd opinion

Great input Ce1carpenter. AVMs are always difficult to navigate through in the medical system whether you have insurance or not, PPO or HMO, AVMs are hard. Giving up is not an option and perseverance is what gets us through. Hope you are doing okay Ce1carpenter..

Hey Tricia. I was originally admitted and diagnosed at Riverside County Regional Medical Center... Excellent hospital.
I'm now seeing Dr. Antonio DeSalles at UCLA. His colleague is Dr. Neil Martin. You may want to contact either of them and give it a shot. UCLA Neurosurgery 310-■■■■■■■■ Dr. Martin 310-■■■■■■■■ and Dr. DeSalles 310-■■■■■■■■.
Also if you're low income try and apply for Medi-Cal through your local TAD (transitional Assistance Department).
I hope this helps.

Great info for you Tricia. Jessica your info is very helpful and positive. Appreciate the contribution:) Hope you are doing well yourself.