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Hello, I had my AVM bleed last August’16 and craniotomy, embolization and the final craniotomy to complete resection of my AVM (right frontal lobe #2). I returned to work (part-time office IT sector) last January’17 and lately I am feeling like almost all my energy is back, I would not say that I feel exactly the same before the bleeding but I feel good.

The reason because I am writing is that I have started thinking about riding a bike again or playing tennis, but I am not sure if is better to wait until my next MRI on July or just try if I feel ok. The only thing that my doctor told me back in October was that my AVM was gone and I have to slowly return to do my life again, no big efforts and a joke about no “bungee jumping” :slight_smile:
What did you do? Thanks for your support.

I’d say it’s fine to ride a bike or play tennis. After my surgery I went to riding a bike again with friends and family dock said it was ok to do those things. Just don’t try anything to aggressive like football. Activity why’s to this day golf tennis waterskiing even rock climbing.

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I would say do what you feel up to, but just always be aware of head trauma. Personally I was ten when I had a bleed and never participated in gym class to avoid any risk. (With that being said though, the school was terrified we would press charges because they had left me alone in another room when I passed out and vomited from the bleed, so they covered their butts until I graduated!) Today I am always cautious, but I do water sports like swimming, tubing, and knee-boarding, as well as bike-riding (always with a helmet).
That’s funny about “bungee jumping.” However, my surgeon told me to go sky-diving, and he wasn’t joking. We asked him when I would be ready to go back to school, and he said, “She can go sky-diving.” “What about swimming?” we asked, and he said, “Sky-diving.” We fired him!!

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Swimming is quite a good way back in I found, check with the team looking after you. But it was suggested to me by my neurosurgeon about 6 months after surgery once the scar had healed up just because it’s low impact but good for all of your muscles. I stopped when I got tired. But it really helped a lot!