Back to Denver for #15

I am heading back to Denver this weekend for my 15th procedure with Dr. Yakes. He told us in both March and July that 16 might be the end, but we’re prepared for more if that’s what it takes. We’ve heard he just writes “Done” on the chart, when you are done.

My leg looks like it is improving and is just slightly bruised and brown in a few places. Longer spacing (6-7 weeks) this spring and summer was a good schedule. Last year before my VM stopped growing we tried to stick to 4 weeks as much as possible.

After surgery on Monday, I’m heading back to school and start orientation on Thursday and classes the following Monday. When I get my exam schedule I can plan for #16 and pencil in a spot for #17, just in case, though 16 sounds better.


Well I will keep my fingers crossed for that simple “Done” to appear on your chart, and that 17 really is the “just in case” and not the “one more.” :slight_smile:

Is this your last year in school? Or am I making that up? I’m sure you are excited to get back and although you have LOVED spending the summer with your mom & dad, I imagine you can’t wait to get back to all of that hard core studying with no distractions.

And I am anxiously waiting for pictures from next week! Oh ya, I found out how to “make” grippy socks!!! This could get out of hand, and I’m almost afraid to tell your mom how to do it. She may get more carried away than I will! :slight_smile:

Allison, This is great news! I hope that you can erase #17! I am wondering if you were there to see Dr. Yakes the same day as us? My daughter Arie saw Dr. Yakes yesterday (8-13-09) She had a good trip and he passed on to us that he feels he got 99% of her current growth. I praying for you that he gave you the same type of great news! Good luck in school! Lots of prayers going out to you!

I saw Dr Yakes in May and July