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Back pain and mattresses



I am wondering if those with back pain might have a recommendation on a mattress? I have to replace mine and am looking for best options to minimize back pain



@ChrisD I find a harder bed is best for my back. I think many places will let you try a mattress for 30 days and return it - I dont like memory form as I dont find it supportive. My mattress is a 20 year mattress and I bought it 16 years ago and paid about 3000 for it so glad I did - no back problems. I just stayed at place that had a softer bed and started to get back pain and leg pain just 3 days in my old bed I am fine now.


Thanks Angela. I appreciate it.


You see, I like the memory foam… I’ve got a firm mattress but with the memory foam top layer, so for me that translates into decent support but with a bit of give when I want to lie on my side for a bit. Good mattresses are at the more expensive end of the scale.