Back in the Loop

Hello everyone…sorry for the long absence, my computer crashed and my mom just passed away on tues. 2/17…so things were hairy for awhile around here, but are starting to settle back down. Ashley had an amazing trip (for 6 weeks!) to Australia this Dec/Jan. She had an adventure of a lifetime and I have yet to be able to view all 1600 of her photo’s! She sure likes taking pictures! But she is home now safe and sound and determined to move to Australia and work for two years after she graduates college…I don’t know how I feel about that as is was hard enough when she was gone for only 6weeks…why do our kids think they can just leave us behind??? :-)…anyway…she is back in college and studying and working hard and we are trying to make it through this horribly long and cold winter in NE Wisconsin…sure am ready for spring. Hope you are all well and that your families are doing fine as well…hope to hear from you all soon! Love Denise

Glad to hear that Ashley is doing so well and you too! It sounds like Wisconsin is as cold as Ontario… TIRED OF WINTER, FOR SURE!! LOL Take care Denise!

I’m sorry about your Mom. What kind of work will Ashley do ? My daughter also moved away and I hate it, but she is only 7 hours away ! YES SPRING COME ON …

I am sorry to hear about your Mom. I lost my Mom two and a half years ago and still find it hard to deal with, My wife and I miss her sooo! I will keep you and yours in my prayers!

Thank you for all the kind words…it is so silly, but my dad passed away when I was 16, and now losing my mom…just feel like a 40 yr old orphan…but I have my kids, my fiance and extended family who are more than willing to adopt me, so always try to look at the positive things in life!

Sorry to hear about mum denise its really hard but at least you have a good family!

How awesome travel make us better people. I’m so happy for Ashley -

Sorry to hear about your mom - I have been dealing with my own olderly Godparents they have not children of their own so I have stepped in to help them - they are 83 and 88. We had to put my godfather in a skilled nursing home, it has been really trying.

My daughter 23 moved to Manhatan, NY 3 months ago talk about worried!!! But I just got back from a visit yesterday - she is doing great and working and living the NY life. I really miss her but I know she will be back soon.

Hugs to you and Ashley - Life is good!