Ayurveda has helped me to bring down my AVM

I had my first GK on 7th January 1999,after follow up for an year. I was said by doctors after performing Angiography and MRI that there is no residuals of AVM found. Suddenly in January 2014 I had severe headaches, after scannings got to know that I got the AVM back post 15 years. It was Stage 5 when found. I was advised for an GK and it was done accordingly. However, they mentioned you will be right paralysed but it cannot be removed via open surgery as risk factor is 99.3% so parents and I didn’t agree with it. Had undergone GK and health was getting worse day by day. Doses were upto maximum. However nothing was under control. Again Angiography resulted it reduced first and second result it increased. Doctors gave up tried Ayurveda started taking in may 2015 and today it is 0 for me no AVM, no residual of it. Every week Ayurveda checkups gave me a new life. I am not scaring people. However it is my AVM journey and today I am pain free, AVM free. Working on my right body functioning and my Ayurveda doctor said as the nerves are jammed, blood circulation will take time. Moreover, within 6 months I will walk on my own and will be able to write normally :slight_smile: Thanks to the network as I kept researching and I succeeded in ending up with a right decision.

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Your story confuses me you see, you are right on schedule for the second Gamma Knife if not a bit behind in recovery. In a very large study it was found that with a Stage 5 obliteration rates ranged from 59% to 76% with the first procedure and about 22% of the time required a second procedure. At 3, 4, 5, and 10 years after the second procedure, angiography or magnetic resonance imaging showed rates of AVM obliteration of 35%, 68%, 77%, and 80%, respectively. The median time to complete obliteration was 39 months. You are just about there. Surely they told you GN was not instant. While I am not saying Ayurveda has done you no good, you are right where you are expected to be with the medical approach.

I had undergone GK 3 times overall in my life and no more GK can be performed on me as my body cannot take it as the WBC count is quite less. Yeah I know GK is 2-4 years process. However, I was having medical complications and I was asked to undergo an open surgery which was said by 99.3% risk which we didn’t opt for. So we had no hope and Ayurveda is very time consuming what was in our mind. The practical function is you take paracetamol 3-4 doses in 2 days for severe pain. However Ayurveda gave me permanent relief from that pain in 2.5-3 days. The research is incomplete because doctors don’t drill to the source. They try to do and many side effects and complications pop up. However for AVM in Ayurveda it is not the case. It surrounds the areas completely and nothing comes out. In GK our good cells are also damaged and effected.

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Brother I am from Panipat, Haryana. I have lower lip AVM please contact me XXXX@XXX I want to take Ayurveda treatment for avm. I am fed up with my avm.

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Hello iam 25 M from india I discovered my avm is grade 4 recently and doc gave it up,my blood pressure is normal and symptoms are normal need a suggestion of an ayurvedic medicine or doctor who can cure my avm