Life today seems like a long wait.
Waiting for what?

That the day will bring more seizures.
That I might get a headache, my worst.
That I finally will burst.
Not being able to live no more?

Or that someone today will hear my voice.
That there will be options for me.
That I will have a choice.
Being able to walk unaided, run and dance, being me :)

That I will wake up one day being cured.
That I once more can plan ahead.
Not to wake up with the feeling that I just want to stay in bed.
Being able to sing, smile and laugh at it all :)

That spring will burst into summer.
The smell of flowers and sea.
Walking barefoot on the grass feeling happy and free.
Sharing the time with my children, all three :)

I have been patiently awaiting for the moment to come.
My emotions are like a volcano just before it burst, the calm before a storm.
I am tired, it has been a long wait, I am welcoming whatever the next thing will be.
Even if I do not know the outcome, I know I will feel free...

...from this boundaries this awaiting has been causing me.