#AVMSurvivors on Tumblr & Twitter

I am a very active person online, especially on Tumblr and Twitter, and I was looking for a version of this community on either, but couldn't find one. So I went ahead and made them myself, so that people can stay connected on other platforms too.

I know there are Twitter and Tumblr accounts for Ben's Friends, and some Twitter accounts for communities like Ataxia, so I thought it would be great to have one for people affected by AVMs as well, to connect in other places, too.

#AVMSurvivors @ Tumblr: http://AVMSurvivors.tumblr.com
@AVMSurvivors: http://twitter.com/AVMSurvivors

For Tumblr, we are welcoming submissions for news, information, photos, or stories from people!

If any of the mods/admins have problems with this, or would like to be able to use/edit the accounts, I am more than happy to give you the username/passwords for the "AVMSurvivors" e-mail, Tumblr, or Twitter accounts. Just let me know!