AVM's in the media

I was recently watching a new show on tv that i’m really enjoying called Body of Proof. For those who haven’t watched or heard of it, it is based around Neurosurgeon who was in a car accident so can’t practice anymore as her hands go numb. Instead she is now a Medical Examiner.

Now the other day i was watching Episode three (which you should all now go watch) in which she comes across a lady who has been murdered who had brain surgery. she then realises she (Meagan) was the surgeon and that she had an…AVM!!!

I may not have a brain AVM but i do have an AVM so i think any publicity is amazing publicity!

So you should all drop what you are doing and check out this episode for our moment of “fame”

Interesting! I’ll have to check that out. I know one time Greys Anatomy had an episode, but fake, and another time I saw my own neurosurgeon on a t.v. show. Very cool.Thx.