AVMs and pregnancy!

Hello everyone!
I just found out last week that I’m pregnant! Yay!! But I have been treated for a brain AVM last year… I’m wondering if my pregnancy is going to be classified as a high risk pregnancy due to this? Has anyone ever experienced any of this!? I’ve had chemo and radiation so I’m worried that’s going to effect my baby… Please help!

Congratulations! I don't know about chemo and radiation and it's affects on pregnancy. Those are good questions for your OB/GYN. Your AVM is certainly something you'll want to discuss with your doctor as well. Often it is recommended that you have a c-section rather than a traditional delivery because of the risk of a bleed. I delivered two children via c-section before I even knew about my AVM and I had preeclampsia. Discuss the possible risks with your doctors. Best wishes!

Thank you so much!

Hi Brittany. Congrats on your pregnancy. I've never had kids myself but I just wanted to let you know what my docs told me as I'm still in the waiting period after having Gamma Knife and a partial embolism. They told me that I should wait (hahaha not in a relationship/married so that's no problem) until after my avm is closed off. They have warned me that even after it's closed I'll still be at risk for maybe a small bleed due to the location and the damage that's already been done. C-Section will be my option but I just wanted to respond to your post and let you know what I've been told. I hope it's smooth sailing for you :-) God bless you and your baby.

Thank you so much! My AVM was obliterated by gamma knife and chemo but I’m just still so worried C-section will probably be my choice too

Hi Brittany. I had an AVM in 1990 underwent 2 brain surgeries, embolizations, radiation 2x,1997 I got married and pregnant in 98, I was a nervous wreck the whole 9 months, I now have the most wonderful and handsome 13 yr old boy, he was a gift from God, he has been my biggest reason in life, if you are nervous talk to your doctor he will be your best place to go to. Congratulations, Best of Luck to you and may God Bless you as he has for me. I hope you Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Ruthie PS By the way I was in Full Labor for 2 hrs and had him natural delivery, no meds.

Hi Brittany,
CONGRATULATIONS!!! We're all so excited for you!
I have a pretty similar history to yours and some other contributors to this discussion- I am now 21 years old, my AVM was found when I was 19, since then it has been treated with 2 embolizations and Gamma. I'm currently 19 months since gamma, -neurosurgeon is waiting for the 24 month mark before we check the status via angiogram. I hope we receive good news at that point!
I am not involved in any serious relationship right now, but I was warned anyways not to get pregnant until complete obliteration of the AVM. You've avoided many complications by ending your AVM before now. I was told that once the AVM is obliterated, it should have no effect on my future, including pregnancies. I hope this stage for you goes smoothly, and you're able to enjoy every step along the way.

Hi Brit! Congrats on the pregnancy! Last year when I was pregnant the Ob's/ nurses didn't seem to be worried about my AVM. The neurologists said I needed to do a c-section for risk of seizures/ bleed. I was labeled high risk but more because I was having twins then the AVM. I had to do both a vaginal and c-section.

During pregnancy my occasional symptoms of numbness of right face/hand was more frequent. Also during and after labor, my right face keep twitching (my avm is on the left side of brain). Maybe I was just nervous? I recently did the f/u angiogram and MRIs for my gamma knife treatment and found that my avm was gone and there was no mention of bleeding.

I was also told not to get pregnant before treatment and to wait 3 years after to be safe. But my biological clock was ticking, lol, so I took my chances. For me, it was worth the risk.

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