AVM Survivors Network



Suffering defeat again,
I lock myself up tonight.
Oh, to see a delight
When I see no more light.

Failing every day,
Shattering hopes die,
Overpowering thoughts collide
That slowly deprive.

Depriving of beloved thoughts,
Once treasured and stored inside.
To figure out they were all lies,
Hanging on to life trying to survive.

Defeat conquers all,
Leaving shattered dreams,
And so it seems deemed
To not follow our dreams.

Trying to find right answers,
Leaves me defeated and soar.
As everyone ignores,
Their fallen friends so torn


Wow that is beautiful and powerful! Take care and God Bless!


Wow! This really strikes me b/c I have been feeling this way for the past 2 wks. I felt doomed to a life of pain and staying indoors most of the time. I see you are doing well in 2016, tho. I see the piece of poetry was 2010.

My hopes were dashed when a compression bandage (Velcro straps) was great for 5 days; then I developed edema above the thigh. I searched online and found the leading physician in treatment works 5 miles from me, but accepts no insurance. I need her opinion. Then she hopefully will guide me to lymphedema specialists (tho I do not have that) who will teach me compression/taping/massage. I hope I am not following yet another hopeless dream. Any advice? I am very happy to hear that your AVM is healed. Yours was localized to one knee? I have had 11 treatments of coils/ethanol with an internationally know IR (Interventional Radiologist). It is segmental from groin to mid thigh. Be well.