I just learned on Dec.3,2009 that i have an avm. Did not understand completely what it was but after talking to the dr. and my husband doing alot of research I am starting to undersand it more. I am having a hard time dealing with it though. I have 4 children a grandson that will be 2 this month and a granddaughter that is due on Feb.18th 2010. I don’t want to be around people I just want to stay at home where I feel safe. I am sure that this will pass with time,but it does not help now with having to go to work each day. You don’t realize what you have until something like this happens to you then you appreciate it alot more. My mom had a stroke 2 years ago and bled in her brain she has been able to walk but still does not have complete use of her left arm. It scares me to think that the same could happen to me. My husband is a rock and trying to keep me in an up spirit mood. I know that he means his best but this is eating me up inside, and trying to explain to my children which the youngest is 6 is hard. My 7 year old came to me tonight and says “Are you scared of not being my mommy anymore” it ripped my heart out cause I told him that I would always be his mommy no matter what!! I Love my husband and my children with all my heart and I hope that they know that and now all of you do too. Have a Good Night!!

I’ve never thought of this avm thing from your end Michelle. My avm was not discovered until it bled, and of coarse it was to late. I know it must be an anxious feeling, but you hang in there. Follow the advice of your doctor of coarse, but don’t let it keep you from living::)))

Hi, I recommend Dr Micheal Morgan,

Hi there well I know what you mean I was diagnosed with a brain avm and I felt worse for my kids and my poor husband he didnt cope well when we found out and I just looked at my kids and thought crap I want to be here for them every day, its a very scary time and still after 18 months on it stil is one thing I think of every day and every night and I pray that it never gets me, but when I found out I was so angry its not like a broken arm or leg that you fix straight away its your head and I dont think people understood that. We still take 1 day at a time my headaches some days are worse than others Ive had radio treatment and still hope that my avm keeps behaving itself! Live for the day

Hi Michelle,

I just wanted to let you know that I have put you into my prayers and have asked God to give you the peace of mind though out this journey that you and your family will experience. to surround you with his Spirit to know that He is and will be with you and your family on this journey. Please let me know when you go for surgery so that your friends here on AVM Support will pray for you. I will also put you on the World Renowned Prayer Chain website.

Michelle, I know that it can be scary when you don’t know the information or don’t know what can happen. It is only through God that I am able to put it in His hand. He brings us through trials such as these to build us stronger.

My husband has had an AVM and was brought through it. it was unexpected. His mom and dad was there with him every step of the way. As your family will be too. it sounds like you will have a loving husband that loves you and is ready to beat this with you. Don’t let this beat you and take your happiness. continue to live your live and take one day at a time. once I was able to put everything in Gods hand and let Him take my worries, to trust in Him to get me through these trials. We all do not know our future, I don’t know the future of my husband I just see changes with him with memory, and other disibilities I wonder about our future. then I quickly think that nothing is going to change by worrying, so why waste your energy and I put it back into His hands and and ask him to give me the peace of mind and help teach me to leave it to him.
My husband and I have been married 18 years. without an understanding of AVM. I am glad that I have found this site. to get to know all these great and wonderful people that can help each other understand.

God Bless