I’ve been given bad news that my AVM is pressing on my
Optical Nerve so iam going lose my sight
Don’t fine this will makes this worse whar can I do
So very scarred I starting to think this cant get worse

I am so sorry about the bad news. I will be praying for you. Hugs

I can't imagine not being able to see. Just remember God knows our future and he will guide and take care of you. Praying for strength and comfort.

I’m so sorry for another loss. This might not help immediately, but I have a strong belief that this will make you stronger.

Also, just a story of a woman who survived WWII and was having eye surgery which might have caused her blindness: her attitude inspired me. Before her eye surgery, she said, “At least I’ve seen a tree, so I can know what someone is talking about if they reference it.”

Also, just so you know, there are a lot of recordings of books (and texts if you’d like to go back to school or are in school currently), there are Braille printers that convert computer type into Braille, Dragon computer software where you can speak what you want typed and a screen reader announcing text so you can still interact with online groups, transportation buses and shuttles - maybe a local senior care center or a home healthcare agency would have more information on this, etc.

There is a way to do things - just a different way to do them.

I’m sending you good vibes, especially now during such a difficult time.

Is it definite that you will lose your sight? Are there any plans or ideas to do something about the avm? There has to be a way to save your sight. Perhaps a dr. who has more experience of where your avm is located (?) Maybe an eye surgeon? I don't have the answer but, I would keep looking until I found someone who could help me. Don't give up! There has to be someone, somewhere who can help you. Send your records to some of the bigger and reputable hospitals and see what they say.

Good luck to you,