hia i am no good at computers but hope this message gets out there to any one with same symptoms as me. since my bleed 18 months ago and removal of avm i suffer terrible vertigo and dizziness on head movement which then affects my walking/balance i am doing re hab excercizes at mo but no difference!!also has any body flown with vertigo coz my daughter is getting married abroad and darent fly due to this vertigo when ever a move my head wot a shame i was so active and busy before!!!! thanks for any feedback.

Susan, there have been some former discussions about this: http://www.avmsurvivors.org/main/search/search?q=vertigo

I hope looking through them can help you. Some members indicate there are medications to help with vertigo.

Susan - there is something called the Dicks-Hallpike Maneuver. It is usually done by a qualified physical therapist. Look into this. It may help the symptoms of you vertigo by rearranging the tiny crystals in the inner ear

Best of Luck to you!

hi kellie thanks for the info i will look into it i am going to re hab again next week and will tell them i feel slightly worse especially in this heat. good luck to you as well.