Avm with cyst on brain

Just curious if this has ever happened to any one else?

Pamela, I think cyst formation can be a result of the stereotactic radiation?..Is that what the docs are telling u? -GK

Hi Greg. Yes but it has been 20 something years since I have my gamma knife treatment. It just popped up.

Wow, Pamela…You must be one of the first patients to receive gamma?! My understanding is that cysts can form due to slight necrosis around the avm… -GK

It was a pretty new procedure back then, but it worked wonderfully. I had it done in Nashville Tn at Vanderbuiilt University. No problems until this cyst popped up…

By “worked wonderfully”, do u mean no more avm?..or no more symptoms from it? Has the location of ur avm been replaced by a rather large cyst now? Or do u have both? -GK

avm is gone but scar tissue from it is causing the cyst. I have a lot of neurological proplems such as dizzyness and poor memory. eye sight in l eye is mostly gone. I still have migrains and regular headaches.

I am trying to get on disability. I amwent back to work after they put my drain port in from the cyst but the dizzyness and the neuro problems are just to much. any advice or thoughts?

I am having problems from the scar tissue that has developed as well only I don’t have a cyst. Just had an MRI done. My neurological problems are causing extreme weakness on my right side and uncontrollable shaking. I use my left hand for everything and I’m right-handed.

Can they remove the cyst or shrink it?

Hi Pamela,
I have noticed on my latest report that I have a new cyst as well. I trying to gather some information about this and would like to ask you if you have any updates for us?

I just had a followup MRI for a Gamma Knife procedure done in 2005. They found a brain cyst under some scar tissue where my AVM. Does anyone know what this means?

sterotactic radiation side affects usually happen about 2 weeks after treatment mine has been 22 years..

What are you doing about it? Is it dangerous? Is it affecting any function?