AVM with Aneurysms

I was just wondering how many of us have aneurysms within our AVM. After my last embolization one of my aneurysms has dilated and they are now considering coiling the aneurysm before continging with the embos and radiation.

Thank you everyone

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Hi Lee Ann, My husband is having his 4th embo tomorrow. The second one they put in coils and then the 3rd they glued that one shut. The last one they headed into the nidus and tomorrow is gluing the nidus. This is his last one then on to the crani in a couple weeks. He did great with the coiling! no side effects at all, just a little tired for a couple days…not sure this helps but it is my understanding that they have to slow the blood flow before they glue or it could burst.
Wishing you well!

I had 2 aneurysms mixed in with my AVM and one of those was what had leaked and led to my headache. They glued up the whole lot and took it out, so no more aneurysms and hopefully no more in the future (fingers crossed).

1 small AVM, 1 anerurysm. bother permanently removed via emergency craniatomy, thank God.

be well!!

My daughter has an AVM and had 1 small anerurysm which they used what they called the glue to plug the anerurysm. She is still in the hospital out of ICU but is experiencing extreme lower back pain as well as still having bad headaches which is being controlled by pain meds. The CAT scans are coming back clear every time they do one and her ICP’s were well within normal limits. Does anyone have any input on how long this continues after the procedure to stop the bleeding? She will have to do the radiation treatment in the very near future. One day she seems to be getting better and the next bad headaches and backaches…

also have anerurysms, three of the suckers and an extreamly large AVM been told by a few Drs that they dont want to touch any of the anerurysms just yet and because my AVM is so large and there is so much healthy brain tissue among it that it it inoperable , just got to live every day with a smile that we are here each day!

Connie it is hard to say how long for your daughter each patient is different but I wanted to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with you and her.
Amanda keep that smile! I believe in positive thought and staying strong even in our rough times.
Sharyn I am so happy for you and I thank GOD everyday.
Thank you everyone for your well wishes and prayers and I will update when I find out what they are going to do.

I also had an anneurysm with my AVM bleed. I’m not sure how or even if they treated it (I didn’t know about it until I read my medical records), but it was noted. It will be interesting to read the responses to see if there is a trend. Best wishes to you.

I also had an Aneurysm.My wife tells me it was under my AVM and that they took them out together.Guess I was lucky They went in found and removed it all.