AVM Walk

Hi everyone ! hope you are all well and i apologise for being away from this site for a while. I have been working hard but also organising all matt’s sponsored events to get him to the AVM Awareness walk on may 3rd. We had our first sponsor day on sunday 15th march where we took over the local pub and put on various events, a football tournament, a raffle consisting of first prize, lunch for two on the orient express train, lunch at the local italian restaurant, furniture donated by my wonderful boss, and some VIP tour tickets for the local radio station to meet the dee jays and have a tour of the station. It was a very hectic day, but the weather was absolutely beautiful, and we eventually raised just under £500. I tried to sleep that night, but the adrenalin was still rushing through me, i was so excited we had done so well. Next event is a fancy dress football match, i gather the rules have also been changed, so who knows what this is going to look like !! then a cricket match tournament, then a dog walk for around 16 dogs and their owners to walk around 20 miles. Transport will be available for any person / dog who cannot make it and has had enough ! and then matt is intending to do a kayak race with one of his mates, down the royal military canal in hythe, some 28 miles. my aim is to raise around £1500 - £2000 and i WILL do it. Virgin airways declined our request for a donated flight from uk to san francisco, thank you very much virgin. I have now written to british airways. we shall wait and see. Love to you all, Chris xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

So much fun stuff happening! It does sound hectic but I am so excited for you guys. I hope you can get the flight donated, that would be awesome.
You have to post pictures of all the events you guys are doing! I’m very curious to see what that “fancy dress football match” looks like! ha ha!

Wow Chris you guys are working hard, and doing a terrific job !!!

Congratulations on all your hard work, Christine. I am so proud of you!

Christine you and Matt have simply exhausted me and all I did was read this. I have to go to bed now, I need lots of rest before morning as I am SERIOUSLY exhausted from reading your post…EXCELLENT WORK !!!

WOW! Excellent work and so exciting to read everything you are doing! Can’t wait to meet Matt in May! Make sure he registers for the walk with AVMsurvivors.org.

Christine I need a lie down now and all i did was read about the events. Wow ‘keep on keepin on’ what a wonderful mother Matt has. Take Care oxoxoxo