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AVM treatments

I’m aware that there are many different treatments for an AVM. I had the stereotactic radio-surgery. Did anyone else have this treatment? If not, how was your AVM treated?

Hi O.C. My first AVM was treated by several embolizations and my neurosurgeon said he made it inert. My 2nd AVM was treated with stereotactic radio-surgery in July 2013. I found out about 8 months later via my 2nd neurosurgeon's assistant and a MRI that the 2nd AVM was obliterated (thank you, God.)

Really there are not that many ways. Gamma Knife…cyber-knife…proton beam radiation…Embollization…and of course a craniotomy. Nine of these are risk free. We do have a sub-group which you may wish to join…http://www.avmsurvivors.org/group/radiosurgerypatientsgammaknifeother

I also had sterotactic radiosurgery. After a 5 year follow up, the angio revealed there was a residual left. The residual was treated by embolization with onyx which is noted he was only able to obliterate about 90%.