AVM treatment

Hi I have a question . I am having an embolization done in the near future. I had an appointment with my neurologist on Monday and they did blood work.
Anyone else who has had this done . Did you have to see your primary before the embolization. Is this normal . ? I’m waiting for them to schedule an appointment with my primary before they will do the embolization. I’m so nervous and scared and so anxious now more than ever .

I always had everything taken care of by my neuro team. My primary physician had nothing to do with any of it. Where do you live?

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In Syracuse and I have one of the best . I was a little confused because I had an angiogram with him in February and did not have to do this. And they did my blood work there also. The receptionist said he wanted me to be checked out before the procedure. I have normal blood pressure and am very healthy so I’m not sure . I am thinking he is just being extra precautios.

I just found out it’s because I have nit had a physical in a very long time

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I did three embolizations

Doctor did a WADA test before to simulate