AVM thrombosed by itself

I had small avm bleed 6 weeks ago Been very lucky only slightly affected left eye perhiphal vision but continue to get sharp stabbing pains in the head and head feels lie its swelling at times not on any medication been told to be expected for a while but should ease. My avm had thrombosed by itself I was put out to have a embolisation procedure done but when I woke up from GA I was told I had been very lucky that the lesion had Thrombosed itself without doing anything and no further treatment was required just checkup between 6/12 months and was very unlikely to cause me further issues I can’t find much on this but what I have found said extremely rare to happen I consider myself extremely lucky but in a weird way still worried as nothing has been done anyone else had such experience seems so rare? I thank god everyday cause I know how lucky I have been also for Mr Tolias at Harley Street and Kings very understanding team of neuro specialist defo recommend.

Glad to here it!

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Cheers Ron… Still having constant stabing pains etc but been told should ease in time I really don’t know how people cope with these things even though had good news I still think of nothing else all day and night constantly worrying everytime I get sudden pain I know I been lucky and I thank god I go back to work in a few weeks just hope this head pain eases by then.

Take care