AVM Surgery

Well, here I am, finally. Had my surgery on Wednesday, June 27, to remove avm. Was in operating room for about 8 hours and don't remember too much about the next few days. Had me in a special care unit and I was really sick for the first two days. Finally started feeling a little better and was moved to a regular room on Sunday evening. Released from hospital on Tuesday morning. Not doing too bad but having a little problem with my balance which requires me to use a walker for now and also a little problem with my eyesight. Hoping both will improve in the next few days. Get very tired very easily.....don't do too much at all and take a lot of catnaps. Guess it will just take some time and patience. Have appointment with doctor next Wednesday....see what he says then. Will let everyone know more when I do. Its really hard to do this right now the way my vision is.
I really want to thank everyone for their good wishes and prayers and hope they continue now for my recovery.

Get some rest, Cheryl, and feel better soon! I'd say you are doing great so far. Thanks for letting us know.

I’m so happy it went well! Prayers worked! I took a lot of catnaps too! I’m finally starting to feel more myself but it takes time! Were you put on seizure medicine?

congratulations!! I’m sure you will get better soon, keep praying for fast recovery. You are a survivor, God bless you!

I really think that you will improve. My son lost part of his vision, and he was off balance for about 2 weeks after the surgery. His balance is fine now. His vision has improved a little, if it comes back it will be slowly. Do they have you doing therapy? It really does wonders! I wish you the best, take care!