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Dear AVM_Survivors

This ist my report: I have been a member since almost a year now. Age 38 years old, my unrupted AVM was discovered after a CT on February 2018 while my hospitalisation because of a very serios infection in my left ear and lungs. After the first MRI I was diagnosed with an Spetzler-Martin AVM scale I, 1.8 x 1.1 cms, right side (Sulcus Temporalis). After some more MRIs and angiographic sequences the Doctors were convinced that in my specific case the resection the best option was. Of course I was very scared when I heard about the risks of a surgery like this, that’s why I asked for a second and even for a third opinion (this last one in a very informal way, not face to face), all oft hem said the same to me and than everything was clear for me… I felt tired of living with the anguish, very often thinking of the moment that something could happen inside of my head, no matter what I was doing this thoughts just came silently to me, so i decided to do it. The surgery took place on last 24th of April. Luckely a total success, no AVM left. The last MRI and the angiographic sequences confirmed this.

I’m very thankful for this second chance I have received. I send all of you my best energie.

Best Regards.

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Great to hear of your success! You’ve been with us for a while but I believe this is your first post, so a warm welcome to you! Take Care, John.