Avm surgery clips/vaccine

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In 1985 I had an avm bleed, was surgically repaired and was left with 42 clips in my brain…because of the many reports of the vaccine causing inflammation, I chose to opt out of it…I’m also a lung cancer survivor and had the upper left lobe removed, and have a very small (too small to even stage it). that they monitor once a year…the risk either way sucks…anyone have the brain clips that had the vaccine?

Hey @Bronme

I’m sure there are a bunch of us who’ve had things clipped. For myself, I had a glue embolisation back in 2017 and I’ve recently had the AstraZeneca jab.

I can’t say that I’ve had anything unusual from the jab but I found that I felt quite poorly about six hours afterwards, resigned myself to bed for a day and was fine 24h later. Very much like having a flu jab as far as I was concerned (and I’m not downplaying covid at all; I’m sure I’ve been through similar feelings with winter flu jabs).

Hope you’re doing ok!

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Yes, brain clips and vaccine - no issues on my end.

Also, bottom half of my left lung is non-functioning because of a severed/damaged phrenic nerve that no longer tells my left diaphragm what to do. So per my pulmonologist, I’m basically operating on 1 1/2 lungs. He and I have talked frequently about Covid, the risks of the vaccine, the whole realm of it. He has consistently come back and said that I am no greater risk of getting COVID than anyone else, but I am at a greater risk (because of my half lung thing, I believe) of getting COVID worse if I were to get it.

Oh, in terms of clips in my brain, I wish I could show you the picture of my brain that has all of my clips in it. Personal opinion, it is more clips than a box of paper clips from Staples…

Hope this helps, if I can help further, let me know…


Thanks for the input🙂

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Hi there,

I’ve had clips, embolistion and gamma knife and been double jabbed. No issues my side. Hope all well.

Lynn x

Thanks Lynn

Hello to the AVm family of survivors❣️ what a beautiful bond we all share. I had an AVM rupture in 2015 two brain surgeries to stop the bleed, staff infection on the brain, six months later they did cement to harden the AVM and two days later a VM resection. I have been doing great ever since I had the vaccine in March and had no issues. Well, my arm was sore and I was a little sleepy the next day. I am also battling stage three colon cancer. I had colon resection in March and have had 10 out of 12 intervenous chemotherapy treatments.I am grateful for the vaccine as it would be a very scary world for me if I hadn’t received it. Honestly no problems at all, I hope you find peace in a decision for yourself. Best regards kari


Thanks Kari…it is very scary indeed, I had read so much about inflammation from the jab…may I ask which one you had? Thanks

Yes, Absolutely- I had the Mederna vaccine. I know the world is scary right now and especially so for people like us that have underlying disorders. I hope you find a way to have peace with a decision.
Peace love snd happiness❣️