AVM Stroke Survivor


On March 10th, 2018 God along with the Memorial healthcare system honored me with a second opportunity I will never take for granted. My name is Mario van der Ree III and I am grateful to have survived a hemorrhage stroke caused by a ruptured AVM. My goal is to inspire those in need of hope, through my grueling yet miraculous story.

I am a father, husband, as well as a business professional who has built a career in the telecommunications industry. Currently, I am finishing my marketing degree and certificates at Florida International University while working as South Florida’s Outreach and Events Marketing Specialist for T-Mobile.

I was in the hospital for over 45 days. When I woke up my whole left side of my body was paralyzed due to losing all connections. I was devastated because I am an extreamly active individual who just became a father of a handsome little man. Everyday I woke up fighting, working hard, motivated to be the inspirational story for my family, my wife, my son and all other AVM survivors. I went from being in bed, to a wheel chair, to standing up, to walking, to running and still everyday I win a small battle. I am now back to work after 4 months and my company was beyond supportive. If anyone needs support I am here to help! :slight_smile:

Today I launched a blog to tell my entire story start to finish.


Congratulations, Mario and thank you for reaching out to support others here on AVMSurvivors.

This is a remarkable community: Ben’s Friends is now a network of fifty or so communities, but AVMSurvivors was the first. Our founder, Ben Munoz, is an AVM survivor, and this community was started by Ben and (surprise!) his friends. And look at the tree that’s grown from that acorn planted by, like you, an AVM survivor wanting to reach out!

We’re glad that you’re here, Mario, and we hope that you will be glad too.

All the best to you

Seenie from Moderator Support



Your will to fight is an inspiration for all of us AVM-ers. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful outcome. God bless you!


Welcome to the group and thank you for your story!
you’ve overcome a lot more than I have; I wish I could get back to work but I’ve kind of hit a wall in my recovery. Stories like yours give me hope that there’s always room for a little more Improvement.


Welcome Mario and thankyou so much for sharing your story. I hope that like you, I can take this journey leading to and after my stroke as an opportunity to inspire others. Story’s like yours bring hope to those in need of hope and a positive story to refer to for strength during the tough times. It is so very easy to take on a victim “woe is me” perspective and stay like that after things like this happen or there’s the other route of “okay, this happened, it sucks but I still have alot to live for and I will fight through this” and I’m so glad you took the latter more difficult option. You are a very strong person and your family and loved ones must be very proud of you! Wonderful to hear your company was very supportive - as they should be :raised_hands:

Looking forward to seeing your blog, I am in the midst of preparing my blog to be ready to make public too!

Best wishes,



Thanks so much keep me posted I am here to support :slight_smile: #thepoweroflove


Thank you so much for the insight I look forward to helping this community!


Wow! Thank you soo much for sharing! How were you able to regain everything again and run again? This is such an amazing story and a great example of anything is possible.


It was a very slow process monica but honestly everyday i look at my son and give it all i have even till this day. I still have some limitations on my left toes but I do the excercises my PTs gave me and I am doing a fitness program with the hospital. My connections took about 2-4 months but the hardest part is learning everything you did before with ease again. Being positive everyday helps and never giving up! I love your post on what you have learned I agree with you! Bless you and have a wonderfyl week!