Avm specialist

i know in members services tab there are list of doctors. i am looking for an avm specialist for my wife in the ny area i have been doing searches and came up with a few but i would really like to know if anyone has had personal interactions with a good doctor in ny. i am trying to get an appointment with dr berenstien but he does not take my insurance i have been trying to get my insurance to approve of us going to an out of network doctor but i dont think they even know what an avm is this is very frustrating but im trying to stay strong any help would be well appriciated ty you and bless you all

I had a craniotomy for my AVM in 2012. I have 2 neurosurgeons in NYC, both are at NY Presbyterian - Weill/Cornell Medical Center, Dr. Patsalides and Dr. Knopman. Dr. Patsalides did my embolizations and angiograms and Dr. Knopman did my craniotomy. Both specialize in AVM's.

You may try the Group “Northeast” and see if you can connect with someone from the area. All the best!