AVM size?

How would i know what the size of my AVM is? I had an MRI done the other day and i saw that on the MRI it says 5cm, 10cm and i thought if that is how you guys and doctors knew the size.. if im correct then let me know and if not then tell me how to find out.

Thank you =)

Sounds right to me my MRI said 3cms

To get a valid answer, probably have to ask your DR. I doubt many AVMs are symetrical or round. So it might be 2cm by 5cm or whatever. Maybe they measure at it's widest point, don't know.

Ron, KS

Hi Aylen
Your doctor would be able to tell you - if not, the specialist you are referred to would be able to tell you. Luckily, mine was just a small 3cm, and not too deep-rooted.

Ok I cant remember the size in cm mine was but i know it was as big as a egg.i had to ask a doctor how big that was.

Your neurologist should be able to tell you, and it should be in your scan report, if you get one! Good luck!