AVM rupture in cerebellum

Hi everyone! My dad had routine back surgery and ended up with an AVM rupture within 24 hours of his surgery. Docs say the two are unrelated. I just need some support with this. He is conscious and is very responsive but he is not aware yet. It has been 12 days! By the way, the AVM burst in his cerebellum. Anyone have any similar situations and can offer me so positive stories? I am really needing them right now! Thanks! By the way, the rupture happened on December 7th and as of December 19th, he is still “sleeping”. He was never in a coma and from the get go, he has been breathing over his respirator. Waiting for brain swelling to go all the way down and waiting for him to “wake up”! Thanks again!

Kristi, first welcome to the group. It's a wonderful place for support and information. I'm sorry you and your dad are having to go throug this. What I can tell you is that it takes time. You didn't mention if you dad has had treatment on his AVM yet. For me it was several weeks after my bleed before I had a craniotomy and I was in a coma the whole time. The last week was medically induced. The surgeon wanted my brain to settle and for the swelling to subside, like with your father. How long it takes for your dad toe "wake up" depends on many things, like how severe the bleed was, what exact areas were damaged, and if the AVM is still causing issues. In my case I woke up a few days afer surgery but I was by no mean responsive. The fact that your dad is also conscious is a very good sign. Remember, he's had a major trauma to his brain. It takes a very long time for any type of recovery. The brain needs time to heal. But I also know what an amazing organ the brain is. It's capacity to heal is truly remarkable. Try to be patient and don't expect too much too soon. Your father can get better just probably not as quickly as you might wish! Keep us updated and let us know how he's progressing!

Trish, my dad's AVM was found when he had symtoms after back surgery. He was rushed into emergency surgery within 24 hours of his back surgery. So, AVM was removed in a 5 hour surgery. They didn't know for sure at first if they got it all, but future CAT scans have shown she did get it all. So, he didn't even know he had an AVM and obviously still doesn't! He should of been home a week ago after his routine back surgery. Doc things the stress and or high blood pressure from pain from back surgery just may have set it off. Hope this helps! :)

Hi Kristi - sorry to hear about your and your dad's loss. I, too, had a bleed in my cerebellum - didn't know about it. I can tell you that my experience wasn't the best, but things do get better - it's a marathon, and not a sprint. btw, welcome.